August 01, 2011

Why am I not blogging more ?

This is kind of a meta-post, a blog entry about the process of writing a blog.

And so, I'm thinking about what is it that holds me back from writing more ? Things worth posting cross my mind frequently, I observe them, make a mental note if you like but do not write down.

Problem #1
The process of thinking the idea over is fun. I keep thinking about the thing until there no longer are interesting aspects. Once this is done, I quickly lose interest to the idea, sort of letting it go. And this is exactly the moment when I should start typing it in. Oh, the bother.

Problem #2
Similarly, once I had thought the idea over, it no longer fascinates me, and there is no indication of whether it would be fascinating to anyone else. Kind of a preliminary positive feedback, which is impossible.

Problem #3
Writing is hard on its own premises. It takes time and effort to write well, no matter in your native tongue or not. What are the benefits from doing it at all ?

The outcome ? The step between having a thought and having it written down is hard. It's not going to happen unless I actually make it.

1 comment:

zxq9 said...

In this post you have stated exactly what I have often thought about myself.

I even thought about writing a post about not writing posts -- just like you did here -- but lost interest in the idea once I had identified the primary reasons why I often don't write posts, despite being excited about this or that idea. Occasionally this same process happens with new technical ideas I have as well -- and that is perhaps worse.

How many brilliant ideas are lost every day (every second?) due to the thinker himself losing interest in the idea after it ceases to be novel to him alone?