March 13, 2007

Re: The Illusion of Certainty

Found this article on Design Observer:

The illusion of certainty

An interesting observation on how illusionary a structure imposed by form (or anything really) can be.


... the rational side of our brains leads us to such solutions because they gesture to an odd kind of certainty. That tension — between structure and freedom, between form and its variation — is an essential characteristic of design thinking.

How new is the new Blogger ?

A quick question before I proceed to another post I was originally up to.

How new is the new Blogger compared to the old one, if to user experience they differ only in the login form ?

March 06, 2007

Do radars have screensavers ?

I was just wondering -

do radars have screensavers themselves ?

March 01, 2007

What difference does it make to know your people ?

A banner has just popped up - ", 40 000 000 resumes". Or something like that.

Imagine a database of 40 000 000 documents prepared by people who have strong incentive to lie. What would level of noise be ? How reliable would it be ? What amount of sifting through is required to find anyone ?

Compare this to how this company works - Core Search Group

A recruiter from them once contacted me, but not with a standard template offer, heck, not even with an offer at all. The guy has actually read my blog and (I'd guess) my published resume and addressed me with remarks about it that made sense ! I responded with a detailed explanation of who I am and how I work and this, beside my resume may be somewhere on their file.

I realize this is their work, but still, what difference does it make !