April 08, 2011

Better programming is just a way of telling no later

You work hard to build clean and extensible architecture to help your product withstand every possible requirement, hoping this will allow it to live long and prosper. And it will, but not for long. No matter how good your skills, one day some customer wants something so awkward that your only choice is to tell him no. No, this is not possible. No, this is not going to work. No, this is technically infeasible. You'd love to, but no.

But then, isn't good programming just a delaying that moment of telling your customer no ? Of reasoning finally backed with technical impossibility ? You had jumped through hoops implementing every possible wish while it was possible. Not anymore. You say no.

On the other hand, if you had your software written badly, you'd have this moment of truth ages ago. This could have provoked confrontation with the customer but perhaps would make both of you realize the limits earlier and come to a different, even non-technical solution, don't you think ?

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wiz said...

Also could be seen as «Better management is just...»

That «just buy more hot hardware» thing.