December 08, 2008

Pray to rest of the best remote banking solution in Russia

Alas, the bank I've been working for for the last five years got a lower hand in a merger. What it means to IT, does not need explaining. Everything we made is slowly dying out.

While it's still boiling, perhaps it's time to look back, and think about what's been done.

The good:

1. Still, our remote banking solution for the last two years in a row has been rated the best in Russia, and the forum full of client complaints for future shutting it down is also a good indication of that. And I am honored to belong to the team to have made it.

2. The side open source project that I have been developing for years during this employment, Pythomnic, I have luckily had time starting early this year to completely rethink, redesign and rewrite from scratch in new Python 3.0. It is a framework for integration in enterprise network using distributed network services. SOA, EAI, you name it. Essentially, this is what I have been doing for the last five years in the Internetbank project. We have even managed to write a few production services with the new framework and port a few from its previous version. If you don't mind me saying, it is a high quality piece of software, well (re)designed and (re)written. This project I will be working on for the years to come.

The bad:

1. The recession is getting worse. Not too good having to look for a job at times like that. Mind to take a look at my slightly outdated resume ?

2. I still can't force myself to release software the quality of which I consider low. What it means is that I tend to work thoughtfully and thoroughly, but yes, slowly. I could have argued for and against such approach myself, but not in this post. Anyway, such habits don't play well with modern freelancing. Who needs quality today ?

Therefore, pray to rest of the wonderful Internetbank project and if you like pay attention to the Pythomnic3k framework - I hope it is worth your attention.

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