May 13, 2008

О самописных программах

There is a Russian word "самописный" [səmopisni], literally meaning - "written by oneself". The word has a strong disparaging tone in it and is typically used to describe the low quality software written by one's colleagues (or even oneself), as opposed to the high quality truly industrial commercial software written by people somewhere else, even better if purchased for a huge chunk of money.

The mere existence of such word and the attitude of programmers who use it in derogative way is totally beyond me. The programmers who don't appreciate and value the work they do, how good a software they really write ? Moreover, how can they evaluate the quality of somebody else's work if they despise their own ? Besides, the absurdity of the situation is in that all the programs are really of this sort as someone has ultimately written them.

A concluding quote from a nobleman:

Clearly IBM and MIT must be possessed of some secret of successful software design and implementation whose nature I could not even begin to guess at. It was only later that they realized they could not either.

-- C.A.R. Hoare, 1981

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