February 26, 2007

What did you do today ?

This one kept bugging me for a long time now.

It appears that many people hate the work they do. I can see how one can be forced to take a job he doesn't like, fate, bad luck, blah blah, but still, I totally don't understand this - how could you live if you cannot be proud of the work that you do ?

What do you say when you come home every day ? And I don't mean - to your family, but even to yourself, what do you say to yourself - I did what today ?

How comfortable it is when you can't point a finger and say "I made this" ?

When you are making crap, and everybody knows it, when people curse and spit when they encounter something that you've made, how do you feel ?

I do believe that most people still feel bad when then do their jobs wrong. Although they can find excuses and even blame somebody else, there has to be something, because if such behaviour was perfectly ok for them, they wouldn't have been looking for excuses and blaming others, and the more agression means more discomfort.

Which means - a lot of people hate their jobs, do them miserably and are at more or less permanent stress about that. Isn't that terrible ?

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