May 05, 2017

Thank you Dell, but no thank you

I must say, I'm really disappointed with Dell.

And that's given I've been a fan before. For many years I've owned a Latitude D630:

incredibly well built, no trouble whatsoever, matte screen, Ctrl and arrow keys in their right places, and even a COM port. Had been very happy with it. So happy that I even upgraded it, believe  it or not. Loved it.

Later, I had purchased some Inspiron 13, mostly for the looks. Can't even remember the model. So, half a year later the charger starts emitting annoying high-pitched noise, and the touch screen starts touching itself in the upper left corner, which is also really annoying when you can see the dancing dots on the screen and the "My computer" icon always gets clicked.

But I thought, ok, it's a much cheaper laptop, so no grudge, right ?

So now I have Precision 5510 for a workstation which must have costed my employer some 2000 euro. High end, all the bells and whistles.

And I get several BSOD's each day. Every time I lock it, I fear that the damn thing will BS on wake up. Sometimes I can't even start it as it BS'es right after the login. And this is not just my machine, as some of my colleagues have the same issues with their Dell's.

So no, thank you Dell, but no thank you.